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C2 Corvette - 1963 to 1967

The generation of Corvette which has stood out for years as being the bodystyle that epitomizes the nameplate is the C2, the 1963 to 1967 models. Whether your refer to the cars as "mid years" or their appropriate title of "Sting Ray" (two words mind you, not the one word of the 1969-77 models), this is the most loved generation.

The 1963s brought many firsts to Corvette. The first coupe model, the first aluminum wheels, power steering, and air conditioning. A race ready model, known as RPO Z06 was also on the option list. Corvette added a fully independent rear suspension to the mix, side pipes, and the safety of four wheel disc brakes. The C2 cars would be the last to offer fuel injection until the advent of "Cross Fire Injection" in 1982. 1965 saw the big-block engine which ultimately the replaced the fuel injected small-blocks as the most powerful engine offereings. There was the mystical L88, a race car engine disguised in a street car, one so exclusive, only 20 examples we made available. Finally, 1967 saw the end of an era, one which saw another generation of Corvette immortalized.

1963 - Sting Ray & Split-Window
1964 - Function to the Form
1965 - Debut of the Big-Block
1966 - Cubic inches replace Fuel Injection
1967 - End of a Dynasty

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